Healthy Fruits and Vegetables
About Us

The Agriculture Department is mainly engaged in the agricultural products’ planting, processing and trading, especially for frozen fruits and vegetables.

We take "agricultural service" as the breakthrough point to help modern agricultural planters achieve sustainable and stable profits. Our goal is to promote agricultural modernization, enhance the income of growers, maintain national food stability, ensure food consumption safety and build beautiful countryside. Supported by the integration of advanced science and technology and agricultural resources, and the promotion of comprehensive planting solutions as well as the innovation of intensive agricultural production mode, we are committed to becoming a leading international product and solution provider for the whole modern agriculture process. Mature quality management system is the guarantee for the quality, safety and traceability of our products.


Contact Us


ADDThe North Building ,Golden Plaza, 20#Xianggang Middle Road,Qingdao,China

TEL: 0532-58526999

FAX: 0532-58526977


E-mail: [email protected]

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