Talent Strategy

Sinochem Health is a world of all types of talent, whose value is jointly created by its employees. Therefore, we view employees as our precious treasure, attract potential talent worldwide and sincerely wish every employee to have his own opportunity in the company.

Sinochem Health is a big family made up of individuals of distinct personality; we pay due respect to each individual and hold that the development of each individual is closely linked with the development of our company. The vitality of Sinochem Health derives from the originality of all employees and it is the joint efforts of all employees that lead to the prosperity of the company; the very vitality consists in the creativity and innovation of all employees. It is the power of employees that pushes forward the development of the company; conversely, the development of each individual employee needs opportunity and space from the company. Therefore, it is our pursuit to effect the common prosperity of the employees and the company.

We have been striving to expect and shape Sinochem employees of:

integrity, cooperativeness and willingness to learn in terms of personality

sincerity, creativity, and pursuit of excellence in terms of business

Our mission is: humanity, systematic management, specialized services, devoted to the increase of value on the part of the company and the employees.

Our pursuit is: to provide adequate human resources for the development of the company and to create a sound environment and space for the development of each individual.

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