Based on the background of sustainable development and our development strategy and operation mode, we strive to enhance social responsibility management system building and improve our social responsibility management organizational structure. We aim to gradually integrate the concept of social responsibility into all aspects of our business and daily operations, carry out extensive communication with interested parties and strive to achieve common sustainable development for the company and interested parties.

With innovation-driven development as the starting point, we will promote the establishment of an innovative enterprise.

We will boost development with the concept of ”In Science We Trust” to further improve the institutional mechanisms for innovation, increase investment in science and technology and properly implement our R&D deployment, actively cultivate innovative subjects, create innovation culture, stimulate the vitality of the corporate innovation so as to realize the high- quality development of the company.

Enhancing our capacity for sustainable development by fulfilling our responsibilities.

We will take providing first- class products as our responsibility, and create the maximum value for interested parties such as customers, shareholders and employees, so as to promote the sustainable development of our society. We will adhere to the people-oriented concept, help our employees to grow and develop, and achieve common development between employees and the company.

Focusing on Greenness and Harmony, Creating the Common Development between Nature and Health.

The earth is the home that we rely on for survival. We attach great importance to the integration of environmental protection and efficient use of resources, continuously improve environmental management, carry out green and low-carbon operation, protect biodiversity, and achieve harmony with the nature.

We adhere to green nature, healthy development, and people-oriented policy, continuously deepen the HSE system, optimize the management model, protect the health and safety of employees, standardize production and operation, build a scientific and effective HSE management system, and achieve common development between nature and health.

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