Sinochem Jiangsu's R&D Center is located in Zhongshan Science Incubator Park of Nanjing College of Chemical Technology in Luhe. The Center has a R&D team composed of returnees, doctors, masters and several engineers and technicians specialized in organic chemical synthesis and analysis, etc. and with rich experience in the factory production practice. In addition, the Center is equipped with advanced testing instruments, equipment and other experimental devices such as NMR, HPLC, GC, MS, kilogram reactors and so on. It has built a modern pilot test base in the suburbs of Changzhou City and owns numerous cooperative factories across the country.

Aiming to accelerate Sinochem Jiangsu’s strategic transformation and serving the main business, and oriented to meet demands of customers and markets, R&D Center has produced fruitful results in fields of customized synthesis and new product development. Meanwhile, it continuously increases contact and communication with many renowned chemical and pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad and strengthens cooperation with famous colleges and universities and research institutions at home and abroad in order to realize technical exchanges and share resources.

At present, R&D Center is mainly engaged in research and development of pharmaceuticals, raw materials of agricultural chemicals and chemical intermediate. In addition to the conventional organic synthesis, the Center can also conduct various reactions of special elements such as operation of moisture free, oxygen free, high pressure, high vacuum, low temperature, and unstable compounds. With good experiment conditions and perfect testing equipment, the Center is able to carry out all kinds of experiments of chemical synthesis from gram to kilogram, lab-scale test and pilot test of new products, and assist factories in completing the commercial production of several products.

As the strategic fulcrum serving the company’s main business, R&D Center has built a bridge for technical exchange between Sinochem Jiangsu and customers through research and development support and effective communication with customers.

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