Stevia is a kind of perennial herbs, which is native to the Oman mountains on the border between Paraguay and Brazil. Centuries ago, Paraguay natives used the leaves of this small, herbaceous, semi-bushy, perennial shrub to sweeten their bitter drinks. Gaurani Indians extensively used this plant for more than 1500 years.



As Global Fortune 500 company, state owned in China, Sinochem devote ourselves to the protection of the natural environment and to meet the growing needs of global consumers for natural sweeteners.


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Sinochem's team has mastered the full range of advanced technologies in breeding, planting, production, and formulation applications. Create professional teams and services to provide customers with customized integrated services.

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Conventional Stevia Extract Series


Compliant with International Standards JECFA / EFSA(EU)

Extract from natural stevia leaf

Excellent taste, mouth feel like sugar

Unique Formula Service

We know that your product is unique and we are also committed to providing you with a unique formula. IceVia meets your unique requirements, adjusts the proportion of ingredients according to the application environment, and achieves perfect taste and sugar reduction goals.


Promote harmonious coexistence between people, nature and socie

Powering Agriculture

Advocating green and healthy lifestyle,Caring for human health

Establishing an open, equal and inclusive global partnership

Resource integration, Recycling, Reducing carbon emissions

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